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The AOFM’s key responsibilities involve managing the Australian Government’s debt portfolio through the issuance of Australian Government Securities (AGS), managing the Australian Government’s overall cash balance in the Official Public Account (OPA), and any investment in financial assets arising from these activities or as a result of any specific policy mandate from the Australian Government. This requires close working relations with the Department of the Treasury, Department of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). It also requires that the AOFM maintain credible professional relationships with the banking sector (which act as intermediaries in the AGS market) and with domestic and international investors in AGS.

The operations of the AOFM directly support the efficient management of the Australian Government’s finances and debt management and are influential for the development and efficient functioning of Australia’s domestic financial market. In particular, the sovereign bond market of AGS, of which the AOFM is seen as primary custodian, provides critical pricing benchmarks for financing raised by the state government and corporate sectors. It is also the case that the efficiency and resilience of the AGS market is an important indicator to international markets and investors as to the maturity of Australia’s financial markets generally.

To be eligible to apply for a position with the Australian Office of Financial Management (AOFM) you must be an Australian citizen.

Job Ref: AU2809CC000005
Location: Canberra
Submitted: 18-09-2018